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New to BarreU?

If you are ready to transform your body and belong to a community that inspires and encourages - sign up.

Our workouts are energizing, fun and challenging.


No judgement.

If you really want to commit - check out our challenge, Revolution2You.

We bring the best exercises together so that you can tone your tummy, lengthen your legs and grab your lifted seat!

Every class burns anywhere from 300-1000calories and up to 48hrs. after class!


Revolution to YOU Challenge

“I kept doubting myself - until I tried BarreU and begin the challenge. I am worth more. I am special”


We challenge you to commit to a year.

Our body goes through so many changes in one year. This is not a short-term fix, but a long-term solution.

We walk alongside your journey and keep you going when you feel like giving up.

What does it include:

6 SESSIONS of 8 weeks - Each session building to next

  • Connecting - Enneagram (personality) test - understanding who you are and how you connect to your life and to others.

  • 30mn. consultations with Mikyah Owens (our nutritionist) eash session.

  • 30 mn. consultations with Jenny Wiglesworth each session.

  • Weekly measuring and weigh-ins.

  • Accountability pairing with another member

  • Body scanning - tracking body fat % $70/month

  • Point earning to win a professional photo session at the end of this journey

    • This would cost you about $2500/month anywhere else…

    • At BarreU - get the mind, body & soul connected in this challenge for -

    • Members - $90 & non-members: $225/month

    • SIGN up below:


BarreU: The 3 B’s

BarreU…We believe that barreU practice is the best overall workout for your body.

BeYoutiful…We believe that you are beautiful and through barre practice can help you see your beauty from the inside - out.

BringIT…We believe that community is everything. At BarreU, we are place where you belong - all ages and fitness levels.

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At BarreUcda, we believe in helping you find your best YOU. We are not only trained, but passionate about connecting your mind-body-soul.

If you give us 3hrs. a week, we will give you results. Every class, we provide personal attention to helping you achieve lengthened legs, a lifted “seat”, a toned tummy and a strong overall body.

We believe in you. We are passionate about empowering you and helping you achieve your healthiest, strongest YOU yet.