BarreU becomes a Franchise

While writing this, I am still in awe that what started as a couple classes in a dance studio is now become a barre franchise. It is surreal, to say the least, and I have so many people to thank for it. However, let me do that on my own time and via social media, because you don’t know them, right?

BarreU has become the passion alive that has always existed in my heart. What began as an extension of fulfilling a way to get paid to workout became an answer to why I am here. The best part of waking up every day and teaching a class or writing up a work out for BarreU is the impression it leaves on the people who participate in the process.

I never envisioned that teaching barre would impact people in the way that it has these past years. i have not only witnessed peoples’ physical lives transform but also their emotional and mental ones. BarreU has become, over time, and maybe even from the beginning, more than just a place to workout. It is a place to connect to others, a place to confide, a place of refuge and of strength.

It is more than an honor to be given a spot in the universe to have an impact on people’s lives. I am so thankful for my team, my members and those who will soon be franchisees. We are in it together. From the beginning, BarreU is a place to belong. It is a place where we get it done through Barre, we find our beyoutiful from the inside out and we bring it back to the community.

So thankful. so blessed. Cannot wait to grow with you.

See you at the barre -

Jenny W.


Jenny WiglesworthBarreU