Workouts that Work

i'm Tired of Trying things that don't work.

We here you. We have all tried workouts and diets that are just no sustainable long-term.
Maybe they worked for awhile but we hated doing it or maybe we tried it but didn't give it the time needed to get results.
BarreU workouts have been tested to work. After researching and experiencing many workouts, this is the only workout that provides both cardio, strength training and flexibility all rolled into an easy 3x a week for real results.

It's scary to go to a workout studio when I am so out of shape.
We know that it is intimidating to try something new, especially when you have to try it alone. But guess what, we are here. Not only are the instructors encouraging and inspiring, but the members are too (maybe even more so).
We believe in helping you not only get fitness results but also begin to appreciate you for the you on the inside. You are more than just a physical body, but a heart and a soul.
We are a community that desires to walk with you and help you discover the best you - inside and out.

How can I stay committed to something for 1 year?

To be honest, it's very challenging to commit to something for a year. We all have moments where we want to give up.
However, that's what it takes and if it's something truly desired, it will be worth it.
The questions should really be - Are we willing to do the work to truly achieve the body, mind and soul we know we deserve and desire to have?

What can I expect along the way?

We know that while we are focusing on the core muscles, but while doing so, the rest of the muscles are toning up.
It is with great encouragement to the mind to see other muscles toning up. This helps keep us going and focused on the end goal.
Along with this, is the verbal encouragement we all need, and give at BarreU, to help keep the mind focused on results, but also understanding that we are all human. It really does "take a village, a community of people like-minded, going through a similar change".
At the end of the day - with focus, determination and commitment to our goals, we will get rid of those annoying "muffin tops" and embrace a new found strong, lean body.

We can't wait to see you at the barre.

Jenny & the BarreU Team

Jenny Wiglesworth