Revolution to YOU Challenge

“I kept doubting myself - until I tried BarreU and begin the challenge. I am worth more. I am special”


We challenge you to commit to a year.

Our body goes through so many changes in one year. This is not a short-term fix, but a long-term solution.

We walk alongside your journey and keep you going when you feel like giving up.

What does it include:

6 SESSIONS of 8 weeks - Each session building to next

  • Connecting - Enneagram (personality) test - understanding who you are and how you connect to your life and to others.

  • 30mn. consultations with Mikyah Owens (our nutritionist) eash session.

  • 30 mn. consultations with Jenny Wiglesworth each session.

  • Weekly measuring and weigh-ins.

  • Accountability pairing with another member

  • Body scanning - tracking body fat % $70/month

  • Point earning to win a professional photo session at the end of this journey

    • This would cost you about $2500/month anywhere else…

    • At BarreU - get the mind, body & soul connected in this challenge for -

    • Members - $90 & non-members: $225/month

    • SIGN up below: