Revolution to YOU Challenge

“I kept doubting myself - until I tried BarreU and begin the challenge. I am worth more. I am special”


We challenge you to commit to a year. It takes a year to change the body. Challenge Begins September-Ends July.

KICKOFF: September 9th, 7pm

What does it include:

6 SESSIONS of 8 weeks - Each session building to next

  • Connecting - Enneagram (personality) test $24/month

  • Understanding your identity- who are you?

  • 30mn. consultations with Mikyah Owens $250/month (our nutritionist)

  • Heart Rate monitors that check where you have been coached to stay in - to get real results. $45

  • Babe sheets - record eating, measurements, heart rate, notes on you. $5/month

  • Trainer coaching you on heart rate $500/month

  • Body scanning - tracking body fat % $70/month

  • Private 30mn. consultation with Jenny W. $100/month

  • Weekly measurements with your barre-bestie PRICELESS

  • Accountability from your barre-bestie (to get to classes)

  • Feeling endorphins from the smiles and energy of your BarreUcommunity

  • *********************************************************

  • MEMBERS -THIS WOULD COST YOU $994/month (plus tax) YIKES………

  • WITH BARREU - only $90/month!!!

  • NON-members - only $2500 for the year - only $208/month (includes unlimited VIP membership)

  • HOW TO SIGN UP? <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

    All you have to do is grab a bestie and sign up below. If you don’t have a barre bestie - we have one for you!


$90/month - 11 months on autopay (Under CONTRACTS in Mindbody - outside of the app - online only)

Commit to the year - $895 (Save $100 from autopay - Under CLASSES in Mindbody)


    $2500 (includes Revolution to YOU challenge & VIP Unlimited membership to barreU through 1 year)


    1) Download Mindbody app.

    2) Create an account

    3) Look for BarreU & find Pricing

    4) Under Classes - click Revolution to YOU