A high-intensity, low-impact workout. We practice barefoot to allow for our feet muscles to workout, too! Recommended clothing: leggings, sports bra and a loose tank or t-shirt.  



We always start with a basic warm-up, followed by exercises done at the barre. We break the class  up with upper-body exercises and always end class with core training and stretching. 

BarreU focuses on leaning out and toning up your muscles.
On average, you burn 450 calories per class. Embrace the change!

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This class takes barre to a whole new level. This high-intensity burns major calories and is a great way to get cardiovascular exercises in. A fusion of barre and step, this class if fun, upbeat and the perfect pairing to your regular barre practice. 

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This class is our Pilates-fused class and takes your "core" to a whole new level. Every exercise is designed to strengthen your abdominal muscles, from rib-cage to pelvic bone. As always, leg-lengthening and upper-body exercises are added to create a total-body workout. Most exercises are practiced on the floor.

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A class designed to allow for intentional focus on form. We slow down the exercise and practice perfecting the form of each movement. Through this practice, the function can be intensified and injuries prevented.

Join us Sunday’s at 3pm, FREE open to the public. This is a great class for beginners or advanced students who want to work on perfecting form.

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Barre strength

This format mirrors our Barre-all-level, with the addition of hand weights from start to finish. Get ready to work your upper body like never before! 

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This format focuses on our fusion of yoga. It connects the mind to the body through a series of challenging barre to yoga poses. This is an intense class, but suitable for all levels. Get ready to strengthen your mind and your body.


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